When Should I Spray My Yard For Ticks?

Timing of Tick Spray Treatments


Spring: The first treatment is usually performed in the month of May as the eggs are hatching. This is when ticks are most active and the potential for being bit is at its highest. Fortunately the newly hatched nymphs do not carry Lyme Disease, however it is best to eradicate them before they get the chance to feed on an infected host.

Early Summer: This is also a very important time to treat for ticks. It is impossible to time the first treatment with the emergence of all the nymphs so a second treatment in mid June takes care of any late bloomers. Ticks are very active still and looking for a meal.

Late Summer: A late summer treatment may be needed if your property is in a particularly heavily wooded area with a lot of deer activity. A spike in activity usually happens around August.  I find that many properties do not require a late summer treatment but it is an available option.

Fall: It is a common misconception that since winter will be soon approaching that a fall treatment is not required. Winter snows do not kill ticks, it actually preserves them. Fall is when ticks are laying eggs, killing them before they have the chance will only mean that many less potential tick bites next spring. It is an essential treatment.